The Trend of Going Vintage

If you're the kind of shopper that always goes vintage style first when looking for a dress for an occasion – to avoid turning up in the same outfit as anyone else, you are not alone.


It now seems the trend of the last few years for all things vintage to be the go - and there's no signs of this abating. A new study has revealed that one in six of people opt to recycle by vintage shopping.

We all know that buying vintage is stylish, and great for the environment. Apparently we throw away an astonishing 500,000 tons of clothing each year! Buying less from shopping centres and more from recycled vendors is growing in popularity.

A study threw up some interesting results, 16% of us buy at charity shops and 10% fancy vintage stores. As well as clothes, more than a fifth of us (22%) possess a vintage book – 16% of us have a piece of vintage jewellery and 14% of us have vintage clothes and furniture.

It has even made its way into hairstyles as well; just check out photos from this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Open any fashion magazine and you’ll see everything from brooches to vintage-inspired bathing suits with high-waist bottoms and matching sarongs. Everywhere you look, proof that designers have turned to history for inspiration is evident.

But what makes something vintage? What is true vintage style? Is it just a matter of 'old' or is a more complex aesthetic at play?